Are you seeking a zestful adventure that’s memorable which will also leave your pulse racing and your clothes soaking? The Sigatoka River Safari is surely an adventure that is a MUST-DO in Fiji!

Your lifetime adventure begins from the coastal town of Sigatoka. You’ll be required to check-in for the tour and will be provided with your complimentary bottle of water, discount vouchers for particular shopping centers and even a complimentary safari ‘sulu’(sarong) for all the women.

As you leave the town area, your 10mile journey inland will be made as comfortable and enjoyable as possible because your mini-coach driver will provide you with interesting information about the various villages you’ll pass along the way. Your attention will be captivated by the unrivalled beauty of the Sigatoka Valley or as it is otherwise known as “The Salad Bowl of Fiji”.

Kickstart your Adventure

Upon arrival at the tour departure point, you are welcomed and given life jackets for the impending safari adventure. Safety drills are provided to all, the oldest in the group is appointed as chief  and you are  off to discover the heart and soul of Fiji. Your boat captain will provide an insightful commentary on the history of Fiji.

Explore the Longest River in Fiji

As you venture upriver, you will be left in awe by the amazing natural scenery which will have you reaching for your camera (or mobile phone) capturing moments that will take your breath away. Waving to the plethora of locals going about their daily lives, you will enjoy yourselves as you navigate your way up Fiji’s longest river.

Live Like a Fijian for a day

After about 40 minutes on the river, you will arrive at your designated village, where you will get to live like a Fijian for a day in an authentic Fijian ‘Koro’ (village). You will be greeted by your village guide who will welcome you like long lost family and show you around the village.  Once you enter the community hall, the locals will sing and dance and get you to join in with them. They will perform a Kava ceremony and allow you to partake in the ceremony. Bula! You are now part of the village. You will be considered a part of them seeing firsthand how they really live. Later a lunch spread prepared by the womenfolk in the village, will be laid out for you to enjoy. The fruits and vegetables used are all from the farms nearby grown within the village making them self-sufficient and sustainable.

Moments of Farewell

Your time with your new friends will fly by as you enjoy their Fijian hospitality. After a memorable two hours in the village it is time to say good-bye. The farewell song of Isa Lei is sung to you and for some, tears will flow, but you will leave knowing you have made new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. You will soon agree that your hearts have been warmed, your soul has been touched and that Sigatoka River safari is “Simply Unforgettable”.

The final surprise element before you bid adieu

Once you are back on your boat, get ready for some awesome 360 degree spins which will leave you not only laughing , but also soaking as the boat spins and the river gushes in splashing into you.

Head back to base where you can dry yourselves up, before heading back, taking with you some beautiful memories that you will cherish for a life time!