Backpacking in Fiji Islands? Robinson Crusoe Islands – A must do!

A full day trip to Robinson Crusoe island will give you the perfect flavor of what Fiji has to offer. An eco-friendly island, where time stands still; just chill, relax, have fun and forget about the outside world. In a nutshell, Robinson Crusoe’s full day combo tour offers you a cruise through mangroves where you can visit a local village enroute as well as catch mud crabs (which will be cooked and served to you for lunch later).  Once you arrive on the island, there are a whole load of activities to keep you entertained. The sun, the sandy beaches and clear waters are all yours to enjoy. You can snorkel, swim or just relax on the hammocks and deck chairs.  Lots of activities, food, music, games and entertainment including traditional Fijian mekes (dances) and fire dances will leave you with a big Bula smile! You will be overwhelmed with the traditional “lovo” and “yaqona” ceremonies which will enhance your overall experience of true Fijian culture.

The beginning of your journey

A boat from the Natadola (pronounced ‘Na-tan-dola’) jetty sets you off through the mangroves on the Tuva river. Transportation to the jetty is available from most of the hotels and resorts. A visit to Vusama village is quite an exhilarating experience witnessing village life of Fijians and the deep and amazing culture and traditions followed by them. Visit the Chief’s house known as “Bure”, the church as well as the community townhall. If you are lucky, you will get the opportunity of meeting the head of the village and enjoying a traditional yaqona ceremony (kava ceremony) which is the local beverage drunk by young and old. You will also have a chance to buy some souvenirs made by the local village ladies or buy fresh coconut water before being fare welled with traditional music and songs.


After this wonderful visit, get ready to watch how mud crabs are caught. Take your crabs with you on the boat to savor later for lunch!

On the Island

When you arrive onto Robinson Crusoe island, a warm Fijian ‘Bula’ welcome awaits you from the islands friendly staff strumming their guitars and singing on the beach. Get ready for the rest of the day filled with fun activities. The island also has accommodation for those who wish to spend a night or two, which is true value for money. You can live in traditional, comfortable Bures or lodges or you could even stay in the dormitory style rooms which accommodate 6-8 people, incase you are on a tight budget.

Food and drinks on the island

Your lunch and dinner is included in your combo tour price and the meals are great, especially if you eat everything. For vegetarians and vegans, its best to inform the staff while making your bookings, so they ensure you have enough to eat. The buffets generally include a variety for all. Traditional cooking called ‘lovo’ which is food cooked using an earth oven is part of the buffet and is an experience you will enjoy watching. A 24 X 7 Bar service with great cocktails and mocktails leaves you with a lot of choices and options to sip your way through the day and evening while taking in the amazing views and tranquility of the sea and surroundings.

Activities on the island

The staff at the island go completely out of their way to entertain everyone. They are cheerful, attentive, caring, friendly and multi-talented. During the day interesting island games, songs, music, crab racing, island nature walks and 200-year-old turtle viewing are some of the activities organized by the Robinson Crusoe team. For those who want to enjoy the crystal clear blue ocean waters, snorkeling and swimming are also organized and the boat takes you deep into the ocean where you can swim and snorkel amongst beautiful blue star fish, sting rays and other colorful fish. A day full of adventure and excitement.

Once the sun starts to set, the whole island transforms into something blissful and magical! A bonfire on the beach with camp fire songs as the sun sets is an experience and memory that you will cherish for a life time.

As you settle down with your food, you will be entertained with traditional, cultural Fijian, Polynesian, Melanesian and Samoan dances as well as some hair raising, rib tickling knife and fire dances.  Breath-taking moments and graceful dances tie together your entire day.

Your mesmerizing evening ends with a boat ride back to the jetty. Incase you are staying the night, you can carry on dancing the night away, enjoying some kava or drinks, relaxing the night with the sound of  waves, chilling on the beach or in the comfort of your room.

So, whether you are travelling with a bunch of friends, or as a couple on honeymoon or even with family and children, Robinson Crusoe island is a wonderful experience for adults, teens and children alike. A day well spent in Fiji!