First visit to Fiji Islands? Don’t miss on these 20 fun things to do


If you’re planning a trip to Fiji, lucky you! A beautiful beach paradise with stunning coral reefs, adrenaline adventures and friendly locals await you. You might even find happiness in Fiji!

Fiji is swarming with things to do. From basking on the beaches, island hopping, adrenaline adventures, exploring villages, hiking and other outdoor activities and much more! Be warned that once you step on the Fiji shores, you might never want to come home. There are so many things to do in Fiji to keep you occupied for days, weeks or months! This list will give you an idea to start off with.

Bask on the beaches

If you are a beach bum, then surely this idea must have popped into your head when you think about Fiji, with its alluring, pristine white beaches. Ah, the beaches of Fiji are truly amazing! Slap on your sunscreen and have a quiet time lazing by the beach or sun tanning until the sun goes down.



Soak up nature with a hike

Want to explore the wilderness of Fiji? There are plenty of jungle trails that will have you hiking into Mother Nature’s territory if you wish! Observe the local flora and fauna in the Bouma National Heritage Park as you trek along muddy paths and rocky terrain. If it gets too hot, you can strip down and leap into one of the three Tavoro Waterfalls to cool off! Colo-i-Suva is another trail you can visit.

Looking for a tougher challenge? Then consider accepting the challenge of Des Voeux Peak! You’ll visit majestic landmarks and gaze over spectacular mountainside views as a reward for your efforts!


Snorkel over coral reefs

If you want to cool off instead, sign up for a snorkeling session to cool off. Take a relaxing swim across Fiji’s wondrous coral reefs and peek into the underwater world below. Known around the globe for their warm, clear waters and rich marine life, Fiji will give you a snorkeling experience that is like no other.


Get wrapped in a banana leaf massage

This wrap massage may feel weird at first since you will be wrapped with banana leaves and then coated in natural brown sugar and virgin coconut oil. It almost feels as if you’re being seasoned for the oven! But once the head massages start, you’ll forget all your worries. Accompanied with the strategically-placed natural sounds outside of the waves, you will definitely feel tranquil and refreshed by the end of the session!


Dive, deep down underwater

Prefer to get up close and personal with the denizens in the water? Fiji has a large number of dive spots! Explore the corals in all their multi-coloured magnificence at the Great White Wall, home to the famous Rainbow Reef. Or choose to swim alongside manta rays and sea turtles in the Great Astrolabe Reef, one of the world’s longest barrier reefs, while discovering their habitats!

If you’re feeling a little braver, you can accompany experienced Fijian divers as they feed the local sharks at Beqa Lagoon. Just be sure to follow the safety guidelines, else you’ll be on the menu as well!


Participate in a kava ceremony

Fijians often welcome guests with a traditional kava ceremony, where participants will sit in a circle on the floor while the host prepares a drink from pounded kava root. The chief guest will be the one who drinks the kava first –in one shot – and it will be passed down to the others.

It’s considered a happy ceremonial occasion to the locals, so do take a sip if you find yourself in a kava ceremony! For those who are worried about the taste, don’t worry. It’s just like water, only slightly bitter and powdery. Who knows? You might even develop a liking to the drink and have it  just like a local!


Go kayaking with a friend

Fiji waters are not only great for swimming, but also for paddling! Grab a friend and go kayaking for a coastal adventure along the beaches. Not only will you enjoy the cool breeze and great scenery, but you can also tone those arms with all that paddling. Talk about exercising the fun way!


Take a relaxing cruise and enjoy the sights

You don’t have to expend that much effort if you’re just in it for the sights! Just sit back on a cruise and enjoy the clear waters as you go on a voyage across the numerous islands scattered around the mainland. Get on board with one of the  Cruises by signing up for one of their numerous cruise packages, whether you’re looking to spend the whole day in the Pacific Ocean, or make it back to the mainland by lunchtime!

Snap a few photos when the cruise makes a stop at one of the Mamanuca islands and stir up some envious feelings amongst your friends back home!



Be a “sacrifice” for a ceremony

Even though the last cannibalism act in Fiji occurred way back in 1867, you can still easily find the traditional tools used for the purpose of consuming and preparing a human meal. Some of the locals might even be happy to show you the procedure – safely, of course!

You can buy these tools as souvenirs, hang them around your home and make your guests feel a little uncomfortable at your next house party!

Visit a local village

Drop by a local Fijian village to get a glimpse of their traditional way of life! Prepare for ceremonies and entertainment, as the locals are more than happy to welcome and show guests around. It’s in their culture to be friendly towards a stranger, so don’t feel shy when they ask you to introduce yourself. Their inclusive community might just leave you forlorn when you return back to the cold city life. You can offer gifts once you’re leaving but it’s not mandatory. Don’t feel bad; you bring much joy to these locals just by visiting them!


Spend a day with the birds

Fiji is home to a large number of exotic birds, including the collared lory and the red-throated lorikeet. Some of them are endangered and hence kept in eco-parks in hopes of increasing their population. Bird enthusiasts who wish to watch these rare avian creatures in the trees can pay these parks a visit and catch them in action. No need to travel into sweltering forests and lie in wait just to spot one, hooray!


Bring out your surfing board

For those looking to catch some waves, Fiji will not disappoint, especially during the months of May to October when the colossal breaks (waves) arrive. These large waves will even leave many experienced surfers with second thoughts on riding the surf! Cloudbreak, a renowned surf spot, is ranked as among one of the top ten most challenging waves around the world. Even professional surfers have a tough time handling the waves there.


Go skydiving

If jumping out of a plane sounds like your idea of fun, you’re in luck! Sign up for a skydiving trip over Fiji’s islands! Not only do you get a thrilling adrenaline rush during the free-fall, you’ll also be poised for an amazing view of coral reefs, clear waters and sandy beaches!

The prices may be off-putting to some, however, it’s definitely an experience that’s worth every penny. Professional instructors will make sure that your skydiving experience will be a safe and smooth one. Gear up and enjoy the ride!


Enjoy a traditional Fijian lovo

Learn more about the Fijian culture by participating and learning about lovo, the traditional Fijian way of cooking. It involves wrapping food in banana leaves and cooking them over hot rocks in a shallow hole underground. During the preparation, the chefs will be more than happy to share with you how the process works.

But of course, most of us are more interested in the feasting itself! The lovo will usually be ready before dinner, accompanied by a meke, a traditional Fijian storytelling through dance and songs. To those who are curious, the lovo tastes exactly like a delicious barbeque!


Zip-line through the trees

Want to feel like Tarzan in the middle of the jungle? Well, you can’t swing from vine to vine, but you can definitely try out the next best thing! Plenty of places offer “canopy tours” where you’ll take a zip-line from tree to tree. You’ll fly across lush greenery and beautiful rivulets  enjoying stunning views from high above , provided you keep your eyes open, that is!

Learn about the “The Coconut”- the tree of life!

A lot of us think of coconuts as nothing more than a tasty beverage. But to the Fijians, coconuts have so many other uses than a thirst-quenching drink! From its husk, which can be weaved into fibrous materials, or the coir, usually used in ropes and strings, the locals make sure that every part of the fruit does not go to waste. That’s why it’s known as the “Tree of Life” While you’re in Fiji, take on the challenge to improve your knowledge on the humble coconut – the locals will be more than happy to share what they know!


Exchange vows by the beachfront

Want your wedding to be something out of a fairytale? Consider holding your wedding ceremony in Fiji!

Many resorts around Fiji offer guests beautiful spaces to host private weddings, from beach fronts, chapels and coral lagoons to lush gardens. Spice it up by opting for a traditional Fijian wedding ceremony, where you will be accompanied by warrior guards and village flower girls during the procession.

Go fishing!

Fiji is a paradise for those who love dropping a line into the water, given the rich marine biodiversity in the surrounding waters. Some resorts offer game fishing tours and boat charters for guests who are keen on catching various kinds of fishes. Be sure to note the months where specific fishes would populate the waters!


Learn how Fijian sashimi (Kokoda) is made

Known as kokoda, this traditional Fijian dish of raw fish is not cooked on the stove or in the oven; instead, it is “cooked” by squeezed lemon or lime juice! The acidity of the juice cooks the raw fish when left to marinate in a bowl for about 45 minutes in the fridge. Mixed with vegetables, fruits, coconut milk and chilli, this simple yet ingenious recipe can easily be learnt from local chefs at resorts! Just ask and they’ll be glad to show you the simple process of preparing your own Fijian sashimi!


Enjoy a picnic at the park like the locals do!

The Parks in Fiji are popular hangouts for Fijians especially on holidays and weekends. You will find them with picnic baskets and huge mats known as kuta, enjoying a day out with family and friends. You will see children playing on swings and slides, boys playing basketball, rugby or soccer, some people brisk walking, others just chilling and enjoying the weather and still others lying down and relaxing!

Am sure this list has given you a fair idea on what to do in Fiji. In case you cannot manage all in this trip, just pick the ones that you’re most interested in, and return to Fiji again to complete the rest!

There’s no rush when you’re in Fiji. As the locals say, you’re on Fiji time!