Is swimming with the Mantarays on your bucket list? Look no further. Fiji’s Mantaray Island resort will help you checking this off your list.

Where is Mantaray Island Resort located?

Mantaray island resort is located on the island of Nanuya Balavau in the Naviti group of the Yasawa Islands of Fiji. The Yasawas islands are known for their untouched soft coral and abundance of marine life like turtles and eagle rays.

How do you get to Mantaray Island Resort?

Hop on a high-speed ferry from Port Denarau Marina or arrive in style on a sea plane or a helicopter to Mantaray island, famed for its gigantic oceanic mantarays that swim in the strait between two islands nearby.

Swimming with the Manta rays in Fiji

Before heading out to sea, a few men are sent out to scout the whereabouts of the manta rays. Everyone on the beach awaits patiently as the anticipation begins to build up. Once the manta rays are spotted, a message is shot back to the main island and by this time, everyone makes a dash for the boat. Swimming so closely to these creatures is an amazing experience of a lifetime. Each manta rays’ wing span reaches over 20 feet across! You cannot believe the size, until you are in the water with one. When they swim right towards you, be sure to duck down so it can glide over your head. Manta rays are one of the largest fish in the ocean.

Food and drinks on the island
If you stay at the resort, there’s a breakfast buffet which is inclusive. However, for lunch and dinner you have a choice of 3 or 4 different options. They vary, but you’ll usually have a choice of chicken, fish, beef and a vegetarian option. These are all plated in style and will definitely increase your hunger pangs! Drinks are also included from some great iced coffees to some cold chilled beer. The island has food & drinks galore!

What can you do on Mantaray Island?

Of course, the most popular thing to do is swim with the Mantarays. But besides this, there are a lot of other activities and the island caters for the young and the old. There is just so much to do; from scuba diving in some spectacular diving spots, exploring the underwater kingdom of soft corals and colorful fishes to palm weaving and creating your own bags and hats to take back home as souvenirs. Alternatively, you can just chill and enjoy the day as it unfolds.

Join the executive chef on Mondays and Thursdays or go on a guided island trek and explore the isolated beaches, or you can even participate in beach volleyball, tug of war and beach football.

This is an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life. When it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone and doing fun-adrenaline stuff, this may be a great way to begin. Trust yourself, hit the road, travel and explore; it will change your life.