Looking for a luxurious day out at the Mamanucas in Fiji Island? Malamala Beach Club is where you want to be!

Spending a full day out in the luxurious surroundings of the Malamala Beach Club will only want you asking for more! Enjoy a 25-minute breezy boat ride on a South Sea Cruises boat to Fiji’s first ever beach club, Malamala. The beach club is situated on a little piece of heaven, just a short journey from Port Denarau’s marina. A stunning, picture perfect island with powder-white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water awaits you. Malamala beach club is small enough to cover barefoot in 20minutes and large enough to feel like your very own deserted paradise. The beach club is fully equipped with everything from cabanas, food, and drinks to various activities to keep you as switched off or as charged as you choose to be! Unwind and chill out in luxury!

As you begin

Your anticipation will begin to build up when the beautiful shores of Malamala come into view.

Tranquility at its best

As soon as you get off the jetty and enter this paradise, you will instantly be transferred into another world – A world of tranquility, calm and peace; all yours to enjoy for the entire day.

Activities to enjoy on the island

Relax your day away beneath the shade of a swaying palm tree or under a beach umbrella lazing by the poolside; sipping cocktails whilst enjoying the ocean breeze and the sound of waves.

For the more active day tripper, Malamala Beach Club offers complimentary use of non-motorised water sports equipment for snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding. Grab a friend and swim, kayak or snorkel in the cool waters wrapping Malamala Beach Club.

Eat and Drink your heart away

Dining at Malamala Beach Club is like a journey through the South Pacific islands. Inspired by the chef’s rich experience through the South Pacific, each dish is balanced, nourishing and full of fresh pacific flavors. Sunlit and breezy, the dining areas cater to anything from poolside snacking to relaxed dining. From small bite size appetizers to large sharing platters the food menu is sure to tickle your taste buds. A few treats to satisfy your sweet tooth and a broad selection of wines, beers and handcrafted tropical cocktails and mocktails are sure to help quench your thirst.


Not easy to say good-bye

As the sun sets over the horizon, it’s time to say good-bye to Malamala Beach Club. As you make your way to the jetty for the cruise boat to take you back to the mainland, you will realize this is definitely a place you want to keep coming back to, the perfect way to get a glimpse of Fijian paradise.

Head back with beautiful memories of a day well spent in this little paradise.