At Dynasty, we provide on ground support to film crew and production houses who wish to shoot in the beautiful Fiji Islands.

Fiji Islands has several advantages for advertisement and feature film shooting. Perfect settings, reliable weather patterns, a labor force that’s easy to work alongwith the measures undertaken by the Fiji government to attract film producers. It offers a variety of scenic locations from aquamarine seas, coral reefs and sandy beaches, lush tropical greenery and rocky hills, coconut groves and sugarcane fields together with a mixed population of Indians, Europeans, Australians, Newzealanders, Chinese as well as South Pacific islanders for street scenes.

Fiji islands has been featured in hollywood films since 1950’s and more recently films like Anaconda and Castaway as well as bollywood films like Table 21 and 3G to reality television series such as Survivor.

The Fiji government provides a 47 percent tax rebate to fully funded overseas film productions as a means to encourage film producers to use the enormous potential of the islands.