Raiwasa – The perfect honeymoon destination in Fiji Islands!

Raiwasa is the most gorgeous boutique hotel in Taveuni islands, Fiji’s third largest island. Known as the garden island of Fiji, Taveuni seldom features on one’s itinerary despite it being one of the most beautiful islands of Fiji. If you are planning your honeymoon to the South Pacific, make sure to stay for at least two or three nights at Raiwasa in Taveuni islands!

Raiwasa – Taveuni island’s hidden gem
Raiwasa is an exquisite small villa close to Taveuni’s Matei airport. From the moment you enter Raiwasa, you will realize that this place is nothing less than “paradise on earth.” The villa has a perfect 180-degree view overlooking the Somosomo straight and is bordered with tropical rainforest, swaying palm trees and turquoise waters that will mesmerize you.





Raiwasa and its surroundings

In the Fijian dialect, ‘Rai’ means gazing from a height and ‘Wasa’ means, sea. The location clearly defines the name of the resort, Raiwasa, ‘looking out to the sea’


The interior and exterior of this luxurious resort is mind-blowing and the sight of it alone will make you feel relaxed.  A place you will find hard to leave.



Relaxation finds you at Raiwasa!

Enjoy the restful and soothing massages from their specialized masseuses and allow your eyes to rest, your body to be at ease and your mind to fall in tranquillity.

Courtesy of @Raiwasa Private Resort


Dining at Raiwasa
Nothing can be more beautiful than having breakfast at a pool deck and just being sunk in with the view, the sound of the ocean waves and the serenity of the location. There are no two meals in Raiwasa that are similar in terms of setting or location. Choose not only from a variety of dishes and cuisines, but also where you would like to eat! From beach set-ups to garden set-ups, pool set-ups to outdoor deck set-ups, the staff at Raiwasa go out of their way to make every dining experience extra special.



Embrace yourself for some mouth-watering meals and professional dining service at any of Raiwasa’s private dining areas!






The Famous Garden Tour at Raiwasa

Most of the food that is prepared in Raiwasa comes from its own garden on the property. Richie and his team take you around on a beautiful garden tour showing you all the fruits, vegetables and herbs that you may be eating for dinner. They will keep pampering you with some snack or the other along the way!



Attractions and Sights in Taveuni

You will also find yourself choosing from a range of island activities and scenic attractions while staying in Taveuni.

The Bouma National Heritage Park is a spectacular eco-attraction site that is home to rare birds and plants. The hike to the Tavoro Waterfalls which is located within the Park, is very calming and peaceful. Enjoy soaking up the fresh air while viewing the tropical rainforest around you and the melody of chirping birds, some of which are rare.



You can also have a dip in the waterfall to cool off after the walk. 



The International Dateline

Time travel exists! Stepping in two different days at one time, the International dateline here at Taveuni is a must in your bucket list! Enjoy a fresh, cool pineapple while you are in the present and future!


Southern Blowhole of Taveuni

This is the only blowhole in Taveuni that is found along the white sandy beach of Vuna. When the tide comes in, the low pits can shoot up to 50meters to the sky.


Wairiki Catholic Mission Church

This is a beautiful church of the colonial past that was built in 1907 in honour of a French missionary. History reveals that when the Taveuni warriors were attacked by the Tongan army, this French missionary helped them to defeat the Tongans. The site overlooks the Somosomo strait.


So, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy this little island which has so much to offer! See you soon in Taveuni and even sooner at Raiwasa!